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Our Early Childhood Ministry team has the nursery ready for your infant or toddler, ages 0-3 years,  on the first two Sunday mornings of the month from 9:45 AM until right after the worship service around 11:30 AM. Our mother's room is located next door to the nursery. If you need a quiet, private place to attend to your baby during the worship service, please feel free to use it. Our team members would be glad to direct and assist you in whatever way they can!

We take great joy in the blessing and responsibility

of planting seeds of faith in the hearts

and minds of your young children.



The Early Childhood Ministry team takes seriously the need for a safe environment for these seeds to sprout and blossom, one where both children and parents feel at home, which is why each of our team members undergoes a thorough background check and on-going training. Our time together is spent nurturing your children physically, emotionally, and spiritually through hugs, songs of praise to our Lord, Bible stories, prayer, and play. We hope you will join us!

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